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Knitting Circle April 29, 2010

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Tonight we gathered for Monday night knitting circle. I realize that today is Wednesday but you can’t change the name of something over a technicality. Or can you?

Anywho, there were four of us tonight and the junior member, a chef in training, cooked an amazing meal for us complete with a delicious cocktail.

One of us had to dash early because her husband’s car broke down but the rest of us talked for hours. What started as a discussion of wanting live-in help ended with a group family history sharing. I haven’t shared much of my story in quite a while and it felt good to open that locked closet. It made me realize how much I trust these women and how important they are to me.

Not much knitting happened and my twenty hanks of yarn still need to be wound but, as S said as C and I packed up our stuff, we support each other’s knitting! That’s what matters: that we support each other.

I love my new friends already.


2 Responses to “Knitting Circle”

  1. Caro Says:

    We love you too!!!! I had such a fabulous time with you all last night. So sad I’m leaving soon…. perhaps a skype session may be in order?

  2. Sher Says:

    Thanks for trusting us…I think we compressed what could have been many weeks of getting to know each other into one evening. My conversation with John after you guys left:
    John – what did you guys do?
    Sherri – we bonded.
    John – no knitting.
    Sherri – Just bonding.

    See you next week!

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