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Thinking Through Lunch April 29, 2010

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No, not thinking ABOUT lunch…. thinking while I eat lunch.

At Stitches South I bought ten hanks of Araucania Ulmo Multi. 2,000+ yards of this yarn! I love it because I’ve never worked with varigated yarn beyond just dishcloths out of Peaches & Cream self-striping or the really fun yarn I bought at Needle Nook that is made from sugar cane. I’m excited about working on something that really shows off the delicious colors of the yarn.

I’ve been a little shawl/scarf crazy lately but this pattern is now in my must-make-immediately pile. It’s gorgeous! If you go through the sample projects on Ravelry…. they are just yummy. I must have this.

To make it seem even more like I am meant to make this it uses size 8 needles and I just borrowed a set of  circular size 8 Addi Turbo needles. I clearly need to take them for a test drive? Non? Oui!

So, clapotis shawl it is. I just need to wind my yarn hanks and then I can get going! C’est bon!


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