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WIP May 12, 2010

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I’ve made some solid progress on some projects:

  1. First, I’ve completed the first stripe of the UK blanket for my sweet cousin. I’ve done about 5 out of 30 rows of the next stripe. I’m not a fast knitter at all so this is pretty good for me.
  2. The wrap is coming along. I did a few of the 16 repeats last weekend and it’s looking really good. I’m going to have to go buy more yarn for that this weekend. It also may need to be more than 16 repeats in order to be long enough. I’m going to check with the recipient before I finish it off for sure. I want her to love the length of it.
  3. No update on the flower shawl. I was fixated on the blanket and the wrap this past weekend. I did spend some time staring at the pattern. I think the key is sitting somewhere with no TV and no distractions and just knocking out the first few flowers. Then it should fly.
  4. I frogged the Fantasy Shawl down to the foundation chain based on advice for a friend (who was right). It needs to be much longer than what the pattern details. I want something that will really wrap around me. I’ve been using a size H crochet hook but may need to increase the hook size as well as lengthen the foundation chain to almost twice what it is now in order to get the size I want. This project will take until winter is good and here to complete.
  5. I started the bookmark last night for my nine-year-old friend. It’s about halfway to completion. I love this pattern. Chain, v-stitch, v-stitch, v-stitch, dc. Easy, peasy. And I could really go on and on about the yarn for days. It feel so good.
  6. I’m still stalled on the baby blanket. First of all, my cousin goes to college before my hairdresser’s baby is due so I’ve got a timeline established. Secondly, the pattern is crochet and I keep thinking I might want to knit something instead. I think I will troll the patterns on Ravelry to see what strikes me. I have the yarn so a pattern (and probably needles) is all I need.
  7. I set the ribbed scarf aside but I need to just put in back in the car for car-knitting while Len drives this weekend. It doesn’t have to be finished until Christmas but I’d like to be able to check it off the list. Worst case I will finish it and some other stuff on the drive to Disney in June.

And in the midst of all of this I started a dishcloth and have printed out a few other scarf patterns that I love. I really love crochet and I’m certainly far more skilled in crochet but knitting is quickly taking over in large part because I can crochet for about an hour and a half before my right hand hurts and I can knit for about three hours before I feel any kind of discomfort.


2 Responses to “WIP”

  1. margievz Says:

    You are quite busy! I have to admit, since getting the Nook, my knitting has slowed a bit!

    • picturefool Says:

      That’s funny because I since I took up knitting my READING has a slowed a bit! So together we have a good balance….

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