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Pre-Vacation Project List June 15, 2010

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Yup. It’s another post that is just a list with no pictures. I promise pictures after I get back from vacation next week. Here’s what’s making the trip to Orlando:

1) The blanket for my cousin is going to be great “car knitting” on the drive to and from Orlando. I should be able to make enormous progress on it.

2) I am also taking the drop-stitch scarf along which I love, love, love more with every pattern repeat.

3) My friend C made this AMAZING scarf with her Ulmo from Stitches South. She cast on and knit it lengthwise in a great ribbed pattern. The scarf hangs…. well, it’s just flippin’ dreamy. So I am in the middle of doing a long-tail cast on for this one. It’s a b*tch and I may try the easier cast on tonight that my friend K showed me last night. We’ll see. Whatever happens I MUST copy this scarf.

4) I have bookmark supplies in my purse. That’s going to be my standard purse-knitting since it takes up so little space and will result in awesome little Christmas gifts.

5) I’ll take some cotton into the parks for standing-in-line knitting though I’m wondering if it won’t be too hot and sticky to knit. Better safe than sorry, though.

Everything else is staying home. I think I’m being overly ambitious as it is. YA’ THINK?? (And don’t forget that I’m taking two books, too… )

I am just so excited about being in the car with my boys for so long. We have such fun and laugh all of the time. And then… the kiddo’s face when we first enter the Magic Kingdom…. I tear up just thinking about it.

See ya’ll next week…. MWAH!


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