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Holy Crap on a Cracker! ~or~ What Have I Gotten Myself Into? June 22, 2010

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First of all, OMG, there will be photos.

So, my friend K stumbled across a Mystery Knit on Ravelry and talking our knitting circle in participating. I am beginning to seriously wonder what I was thinking. Let’s see: sock yarn, size 5 needles or SMALLER, and then, and THEN, COLORWORK! COLOR-FREAKING-WORK! Until last week I was making my purl stitches backward and now I’m supposed to learn color stranding. Holy hell! I am so screwed.

Anyway… On the the better news….

Here’s my Twisted Purl Washcloth:

Here is a crocheted washcloth:

When we left for Orlando last Thursday I was all fired up about working on the UK blanket for my cousin and I did accomplish a lot. Check out where the stitch marker is…. I did everything to the right of that stitch marker on the trip. It’s about 1/3 of the way to completion (minus the border) and I think it looks great. I just have to devote my life to it for a few weeks to knock it out.

And here is the drop-stitch scarf in progress:

And, finally, the ribbed scarf in progress. And apparently all of the purl stitches in it are twisted so I have to continue making it with twisted purls while still remembering how to purl properly. Gah!

That’s all for today even though there is lots more to share – like the baby blankets that my knitting group is going to make in squares and piece together. Fun!


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