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Holiday Weekends Make For Good Knitting July 6, 2010

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I decided to forego the KAL. It’s too far over my head. I hate that I spent for yarn that I probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise but I know it will find a home.

This weekend I worked on the third of eight squares for the blanket four of us are making together. I’ve completed my garter square and my stockinette square (with straight purl stitches thankyouverymuch) and now one of two checkerboard squares. It seems like my progress is in line with the other ladies’. I’m a little worried that my checkerboard square is not as polished as the others will be but hopefully it’s okay. I can probably make another one if necessary.

I worked on the blanket for my cousin, too. I’ll admit to being pretty bored with it at this point but that’s to be expected. I’m about halfway through the tenth stripe of sixteen total stripes. It looks amazing and is very soft. I think she’s going to love it.

I made a bookmark for my friend, S, since I hadn’t had time to make something for her before her birthday. I was able to give it to her on Saturday and when I saw her on Sunday she had already starting using it. I think that’s the best: when handmade gifts are used and enjoyed.

I worked on the drop stitch scarf some more. It’s officially halfway to completion now unless I decide to make it extra-extra long. I love it, too.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday because I felt I deserved a treat for all of the stomach issues I’ve been having. I bought some angora and bamboo blend yarn and started working away on yet another scarf which I adore so far. I need more yarn, though, so I have to get back out to HL soon before they sell out of that dye lot. I’m worried because it was on clearance.

All-in-all, while the only FO I have to show for my efforts is the bookmark I feel good about my progress on things.*

Before I go… I have to share that I did KIP last week. I had a CT scan last Thursday and while my sweetie sat with me while I drank the poison before the test I worked on the drop stitch scarf. A lady was in the room with us for a bit and was watching me. She complimented the knitting and the colors (maybe a bit more about the color than the knitting but WHATEVER). It was a great little exchange and maybe sparked her to join the cult of knitting.

* I realized after I hit publish that I also finished the stockinette square and worked the checkerboard square from start to finish so I was underselling myself! Not too shabby!


One Response to “Holiday Weekends Make For Good Knitting”

  1. Caro Says:

    YAY! Listen at all the pretty things you have going 🙂 Don’t worry, my checkerboard looks a little wonky too. Something about the knit stitches looking a bit stretched at the end or something. From far away, no one will notice! Love and miss you!!!

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