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FO! July 22, 2010

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I’ve been a little bit quiet here because knitting and crocheting take time and I don’t always have progress to share.

Last night I finished the scarf I mentioned in my last post. My friend K gave me the guidelines (not really a pattern) on how to make the scarf and the combination of that with Patons Angora Bamboo yarn in a luscious green worked out so beautifully. Every time I pulled the scarf-in-progress out of my bag my knitting buds would ooooh and aaaahh over it. I used two skeins of the yarn (160 yds total) and size 15 needles. This was such a quick scarf I can really see making them for gifts.

I will take decent photos of the scarf this weekend and post some.

In other news…. I am 90% finished with the last square for the collaborative baby blanket mentioned in the last post. I may still have one more square to make but my poor friend C still hasn’t gotten her furniture from her recent (well, not so recent!) move and the grid and pattern are with her furniture. At any rate, I’ll finish my 7th square tonight and weave in the ends on all 7 to get that marked off the list.

The goal for this weekend is to finish stuff so I’ll also work on the ribbed scarf that has been going on for… I don’t even know…. And hopefully also finish the drop-stitch scarf which is at least 2/3 complete now. That will lighten my knitting bag by a few projects and make me feel a bit more on top of things.

Which is good because….

A dear friend is pregnant!!! I’ve purchased some Caron Simply Soft in lavender and am going to try my hand at this pattern with it. I need to knock some thing off the list, though, first, and keep in mind that she is not due until January so I have a few minutes!

The blanket for my cousin is really coming along. I need to work on it some this weekend, too. The problem lately has really been the heat! It’s not fun knitting with a blanket on your lap when it’s 98 degrees outside. But I am quickly running out of time on that project and need to just put my head down and knock it out.


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