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Ribbed Scarf July 23, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — picturefool @ 1:44 pm

Worked on my ribbed scarf last night and completed a full 12 inches of knitting in pretty short time. I have big hopes of finishing it up tonight.

A couple of notes to me:

1) This is the scarf where I mastered the art of purling backward. Fortunately/unfortunately I have now mastered the art of purling correctly. This makes going back to the wrong way difficult.

2) It is MUCH harder to knit into a twisted purl stitch. MUCH harder. It’s certainly easier to purl correctly on the front end.

3) I was making this scarf for a coworker friend and generally adorable human being but the scarf is full of flaws and I would feel badly about giving it to anyone. 😦

4) #3 means I get to keep it for myself. 🙂

5) I think I might just use this same pattern for my husband’s winter scarf. It works up quickly and beautifully and this time I can not twist my purl stitches.

That’s all for today! TGIFFAICCUOK (Thank goodness it’s finally Friay and I can catch up on knitting.)


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