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Happy New Year January 3, 2011

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I picked up a copy of The Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver this weekend and am pretty engrossed in at page 26. Absurdistan was too absurd so my plan was to read The Prodigal Summer and The Moonstone basically in tandem but I now can see that Kingsolver has won this round and I won’t be picking up anything else until I’ve finished that.


I updated my Ravelry project page with some works in process and with my completed Citron.T

The knitting circle gathered last Wednesday. The plan was to go to our local yarn shop, buy some yarn, go out for Thai, and then hit our favorite tea house for some knitting. Once we got to the shop, though, we started having such a wonderful time we just stayed there and had crappy Papa John’s pizza and beverages and shopped and talked and laughed a whole lot. We met some women who were there for knitting night and got lots of good help from the staff. I have to say that Wednesday night was perfection. I had such a good time with my favorite girls.

My friend C brought lots of finished objects to share with the group. One item was an adorable hat called the Brattleboro Hat (Ravelry link) from a book called New England Knits. It is the cutest hat I’ve ever seen. I tried it on and I loved the way it felt. The girls all agreed that I needed to have that hat. C gave it to me. It’s such a cute hat – I can’t tell you. C also gave us each the yarn and pattern for a shawl which changes colors section by section. More about that in a moment….

My friend K and I swapped Christmas presents and she gave me a hank of the most luscious local alpaca yarn there can be. It feels so soft and looks like it will be a breeze to work with. I haven’t decided yet what to make from it but I’m leaning toward a skinny scarf so I can have the fabric close to my skin.

With having a five day break from work I was able to work on:

  1. The ribbed scarf for my boss’s wife. It is now over halfway and I have used one entire hank of yarn (250 yds of Shepherd’s Wool) so far.
  2. A new Citron in blue Malabrigo yarn. I wanted to try out a worsted weight Citron and this one is flying right along. I bought four hanks of yarn but I think I will only use two for this project. The rest I’ll use for something else.
  3. The color changing shawl mentioned above. I was determined to get it to the first color change by the time I went to bed last night and I did pull that off! Tonight I can knit the lace row and then go back to stockinette to the next color change. I am going to wear this shawl all of the time.


I went to the doctor last Wednesday and got my meds tinkered with again. I am now sleeping again and my mood is, if anything, neutral. I am pretty numb. The only time that bothers me is when I feel like I should be excited or happy about something but I can’t quite get there. I think sticking with this regimen might work for me.

Five days off from work was wonderful. I really enjoyed the days feeling so long and spending so much time with the boys. Today I’m back at work and not ready to be here. I don’t think anyone here is ready to be here. I haven’t gotten much done but neither has anyone else.

I’m looking forward to knitting circle tonight and to Friday coming at the end of the week.

Happy New Year!




One Response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Mercia Says:

    Also a little glum about going back to work. Wish we had knitting groups here, maybe i should look into it?

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