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Knitting Update June 11, 2010

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  1. I totally frogged the knitted UK blanket for my cousin. That much garter stitch was making me crazy mainly because I was so bored I kept dropping stitches and not finding them for days. I also hated the fact that the blanket was not reversible. That was driving me crazy. So now I’m crocheting it and even though it’s still boring it’s fast and it’s reversible so that will work out fine. This is going to be my go-to project during the drive to Disney next week.
  2. I have not touched the wrap for my friend K in weeks. I know she can’t wear it for months so it’s being pushed to the back-burner. I think it will only take 3-4 hours to finish.
  3. The flower scarf hasn’t moved along either. I made one gorgeous pink flower and then haven’t touched the rest. It will happen when it happens. Right now my problem is that the pink I have does not go with the blues I have and I really don’t want to buy more yarn until I’ve used what I have. I’m toying with making the scarf in all pink. I love pink.
  4. I frogged the Fantasy Shawl completely because I hate it, hate it, hate it now. I don’t know if it was the repeated combination of bad yarn and the wrong size hook or what but that’s just not going to happen. Let us never speak of it again.
  5. The bookmark was finished and given to my sweet 9-year-old friend who squealed and hugged me. She’s so wonderful. And the bookmark looked great – my best ever.
  6. My hair stylist very sadly lost her baby so the baby blanket is gone.
  7. The ribbed scarf is something I pull out about once a week and work on. It’s hardly a rush project even though I swear the friend I’m making it for would wear a scarf in hell because she is ALWAYS cold. It’s halfway to completion and when I pick it up now it moves much faster. For one thing, I replaced the straight needles I was using with Bryspun circular needles. That makes me love the scarf again. I’m learning over and over that the right yarn + the right needles + the right pattern is what makes knit or crochet fun instead of frustrating. It’s a trifecta. Now that I have the right needles the scarf feels and looks so much better to me and I can’t wait to finish it up.
  8. Since a few projects have fallen off the list I have added in a couple more. The first is a bunch of wash cloths/dishcloths which will help flesh out some presents during the holidays. I’ve completed two so far and they are fabulous. One is crocheted (SO EASY) and one is knitted. I was so proud of how well it knit up for me. I used a variegated Peaches n’ Creme yarn (which looked so ugly in the ball I have no idea why I bought it to begin with but looks GORGEOUS knitted up!) and Addi needles and it just worked for me. Very happy. I’ll be taking some cotton and needles to Disney to work on some in line when I get antsy.
  9. At Stitches South I bought an INSANE amount of Araucania Ulmo cotton yarn. So did my friend, C.  So, we swapped ten out of twenty hanks a piece so that we have two different color schemes in about 1200 yards (!!!) a piece. All of that is to say that I’m about a third of the way through a drop-stitch scarf in the more pastel of the colors. I love the yarn and the needles. I’m not dying over the colors but it is very “beachy” and I do think I’ll either get some use out of it or figure out someone to give it to.
  10. Same yarn, different project. I’m going to gather yarn and hook today to make a crocheted market bag out of the bright color Ulmo. That will be interesting because the Ulmo is super fun to knit (never splits, slides along the needles but not too much, easy to read my stitches) so if I have problems crocheting it I have a knit pattern to fall back on.

So many projects going and in my mind. It’s lots of fun and I’m enjoying the challenge. I think having the knit dishcloth and the knit scarf coming along is reassuring me that I CAN KNIT. That feels sooo good. My knitting girls are all so good at what they do but they’ve also been doing it for at least three years. I have to cut myself some slack. That’s a common theme for me…. 🙂


Mental Exhaustion June 10, 2010

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I can be a bit of a whiner sometimes. “I don’t feel good.” “This was the CRAZIEST day!” “You’re stupid.” You know…

But I’ve been holding back on some stuff lately and it’s got to come out somewhere.

My job is great. I love it. I like what I do and I love most of the people I work with and for. I feel pretty lucky. On the other hand, it is a constant battle to keep everything moving the way it should. Operations is all about multi-tasking and I’m good with that until the interruptions start to feel like I’m being sprayed with bullets. Then I crumble inside.

My home is great. My family – my two fellas – are the best. My husband and I have a healthy and warm marriage filled with long talks and hand-holding. We have romance, passion and friendship. My son is perfection. He is amazing – the best kid ever. On the other hand, home has its responsibilities like bills and cleaning and laundry and bills and the yard and bills and drive here and drive there and sometimes it gets to be a lot – especially on top of work.

My friends are amazing. I love them. There isn’t really a downside to that part except that being with friends means less time with my family.

My past is awful – muddy, murky, horrific. I have PTSD and OCD and am on pretty good meds. The meds help me keep the three sectors of my life in order and to a level of control that keeps me feeling only slightly crazy.

Lately, and I don’t know if this is a meds problem or not, I have been slipping down a rabbit hole. I am having random symptoms that I looked up online this morning and which all pointed to: You are fucking nuts, you loon. Okay, really what they said what: OH MY GOD, CALM DOWN! And everyone knows that having the Internet yell at you is very calming.

I am possessing and living the following symptoms:

Trouble concentrating, fatigue, headaches, muscle tension, muscle aches, difficulty swallowing, trembling, twitching, irritability, sweating, nausea, lightheadedness, having to go to the bathroom frequently, feeling out of breath, and hot flashes.

The biggest indicator that I am not doing well right now is loss of appetite. I usually only lose my appetite when someone dies.

I’m worried… And that doesn’t help…


Monday Update May 17, 2010

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This weekend was a really tough one knitting-wise. I was just stuck on everything and dropping stitches and ripping, ripping, ripping. I came *THIS CLOSE* to hanging up the knitting needles and sticking with crochet. But then I saw a little glimmer of light in the distance when I got to a lace pattern and it actually made sense! I did the YO’s backwards but I figured that out on about the third repeat and felt like I was really getting the rest. I’m going to try again…. The second light came on when I realized that I’m expecting to learn how to fix things and how to do more complex things from my knitting friends. Well, I only see them once a week so that’s not really going to work. This is when I need to lean more on books and You Tube videos for guidance. (Like the one I watched to clarify the YO!)

Last night I started working on a scarf pattern and I’m about twenty or so rows into it. Simple pattern but more complex than garter or stockinette which is where I have been getting stuck. It is flying along and I love it. The Sugar Rush Jacquard yarn in blue is working beautifully.

I need to take some pictures of some things soon and get them posted….


One down…. one million to go! May 13, 2010

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I finished the bookmark for my friend’s fabulous daughter last night. I will take pictures of it tomorrow and post them here and at Ravelry. It looks great and feels fantastic. It took about an hour and a half total, I think, including weaving in the ends. Not bad at all.

So, here’s my question… I love, love, love the Queensland Collection Sugar Rush Jacquard yarn I used for the bookmark. It is so soft. It’s just delicious. I have it in the jacquards shown here (lavender, yellow and blue teal). Could I make a one-skein summer scarf out of this or does the yarn look too baby-ish?

Halp! Halp! I need advice….

Would it work with this pattern?


WIP May 12, 2010

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I’ve made some solid progress on some projects:

  1. First, I’ve completed the first stripe of the UK blanket for my sweet cousin. I’ve done about 5 out of 30 rows of the next stripe. I’m not a fast knitter at all so this is pretty good for me.
  2. The wrap is coming along. I did a few of the 16 repeats last weekend and it’s looking really good. I’m going to have to go buy more yarn for that this weekend. It also may need to be more than 16 repeats in order to be long enough. I’m going to check with the recipient before I finish it off for sure. I want her to love the length of it.
  3. No update on the flower shawl. I was fixated on the blanket and the wrap this past weekend. I did spend some time staring at the pattern. I think the key is sitting somewhere with no TV and no distractions and just knocking out the first few flowers. Then it should fly.
  4. I frogged the Fantasy Shawl down to the foundation chain based on advice for a friend (who was right). It needs to be much longer than what the pattern details. I want something that will really wrap around me. I’ve been using a size H crochet hook but may need to increase the hook size as well as lengthen the foundation chain to almost twice what it is now in order to get the size I want. This project will take until winter is good and here to complete.
  5. I started the bookmark last night for my nine-year-old friend. It’s about halfway to completion. I love this pattern. Chain, v-stitch, v-stitch, v-stitch, dc. Easy, peasy. And I could really go on and on about the yarn for days. It feel so good.
  6. I’m still stalled on the baby blanket. First of all, my cousin goes to college before my hairdresser’s baby is due so I’ve got a timeline established. Secondly, the pattern is crochet and I keep thinking I might want to knit something instead. I think I will troll the patterns on Ravelry to see what strikes me. I have the yarn so a pattern (and probably needles) is all I need.
  7. I set the ribbed scarf aside but I need to just put in back in the car for car-knitting while Len drives this weekend. It doesn’t have to be finished until Christmas but I’d like to be able to check it off the list. Worst case I will finish it and some other stuff on the drive to Disney in June.

And in the midst of all of this I started a dishcloth and have printed out a few other scarf patterns that I love. I really love crochet and I’m certainly far more skilled in crochet but knitting is quickly taking over in large part because I can crochet for about an hour and a half before my right hand hurts and I can knit for about three hours before I feel any kind of discomfort.


Working Through Transition May 10, 2010

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I was telling a friend the other day that I’ve been struggling at work because suddenly I have a posse of friends around whom I can be completely authentic. At work I am Work Me. She’s not a lot different from Authentic Me and I am struggling to find a real hard line between the two but there is a difference. I work around wealth managers who are, for the most part, wealthy. They are entirely Conservative Republicans with a deep dislike for President Obama. I am not rich. I am pretty far left in the political spectrum and I trust and believe in our President so much I had a dream the other night that I got to meet his beautiful wife. (She was wearing a green suit and she smelled good.) Anyway, it’s hard to let all of my geekiness out, to voice my political feelings, to dress like I want to dress. (I totally want another ear piercing and a small diamond stud in my nose but I worry about how that would look. )

My boss, who I adore, described a colleague once by saying that he “shows well.” I worry about how I “show.” I blush at the drop of a hat. I do not sweat delicately – I gush. I have moments of total confidence and moments where I feel like a complete failure.

All of this is more complex than I want to consider. Whatever I am feeling right now I have to work and I want to do a good job and I care about my company and I respect the people I work for and with. I must focus on those things and regain my focus on my “to do” list. I have to remember that doing this job affords me the freedom to have my friends and have a good life with my family.

This is ramble-y but I feel better somehow and more ready for Monday morning.


Fraggle Rock Meets Knitting May 7, 2010

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Holy crap, peoples! This is the greatest thing ever! My awesome friend C (she of the amazing salmon) sent this link to her fellow knitting-crazies. She found it through this link. I have never loved the Internet more.